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Parc de la Villete's Clean Energy Exposition
Ball State University | Professor Robert Koester | Spring 2016

Supporting the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference’s goals to reduce CO2 emissions, Follie P5 has been expanded to showcase clean energy innovations. Photovoltaic panels, hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal heat exchangers, and a wind turbine used together powers 5 of the park’s follies. While visiting Regeneration, guests can explore hand-on exhibits, workshops, and demonstrations on how to apply clean energy into their lives.


The Clean Energy Exposition incorporates the existing follie’s structure to preserve the unifying identity originally established by Parc de la Villete’s architect Bernard Tschumi.  To accommodate the new program, space is extended with three PV-integrated wings. The original 12’x12’ grid ordering- system redevelops to shape around guest circulation and energy processes. Through allowing a new ordering system to regenerate from the old, an awareness of energy conservation and innovation can promote a new vision for clean energy techniques.

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