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Byron Bay's Hazard Response & Refuge Center
Ball State University | Dr. Joseph Bilello | Fall 2016

With its beachside scenery and subtropical climate, Byron Bay, Australia, is adored by many of its citizens and visitors. Due to its oceanside location, however, the city is vulnerable to hazards including flooding, cyclones, strong wind, and storm surges. Sandhill’s Community Beacon provides a space where local officials can respond to these challenges and where as many as 100 residents can seek refuge for up to one week. 

The project’s modular and breathable design embodies the public’s interest to connect the sand dune’s ecosystem to their cultural community. Geometries of triangles and hexagons are utilized for strength and their association with natural and mineral objects such as beehives, trees, and crystals. A clear ordering system along with the adaptability of the structure’s skin can provide relief in chaotic conditions and help the city’s residents better return to positive health after disaster occurs.

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